How does Mr.FunBooth work?

Mr.FunBooth is a fully portable open air photo booth that takes professional quality photos automatically. Instructions are displayed, walking you through each step. Mr.FunBooth will take three shots in sequence. Your images instantly appear on its two screens for everyone to enjoy and a perfect photo strip will exit out of the back in less than 10 seconds. It’s that simple!


How much does it cost?

Our average price is 650.00 which is all inclusive. 

How many hours do I get Mr.FunBooth?

Most of our estimates cover 4 hrs. of booth time. Each additional hour is 75.00.

What do I use as a backdrop?

An exciting part of Mr.FunBooth is the ability to pick your own backdrop. Walls, curtains, and surfaces are just a few of the things you can use. If you don't have anything in mind, Mr.FunBooth has three colored curtains to choose from. 

Does Mr.FunBooth come with props?

We have fabulous props that we can bring to any event for free. Our wide selection of high quality props will help create a fun and energetic environment for you and your guests. 


Does Mr.FunBooth need electricity?

Yes. Any household outlet should work fine. We can provide up to 40 feet of extension cable when needed.

What is the average set-up and teardown time?

Set-up is normally 1.5 hours and tear down is less than 1 hour. 

Can I view, download, and buy prints after the event?

Within 24 hours of the event, your pictures will be available at as single, high resolution pictures along with the high resolution photo strips.  You can view, share, and download all your digital images free of charge. You can also purchase prints directly through the site.

Does Mr. Fun Booth require an attendant?


No, if the event is small enough we will be happy to leave Mr. Fun Booth at your event and come back afterwards to pick it up. 


What makes your images look so great?


Our lighting is the same lighting used in many fashion shoots and produces a shadowless light that makes you look your best. Our dye sublimation printer is the best in the business and creates perfect prints. 


Does Mr.FunBooth have green screen capabilities?


We no longer offer green screen options due to the inherent poor image quality it produces.  


How much room do I need?


Surprisingly very little. It measures in at 2'x2'x6' and the space required can be as little as 6' x 10' feet.


Is Mr.FunBooth available for your event? Send us your event date and find out.

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